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BOXX Pool Champions



(Benefiting KidSport Vancouver)

BC Gaming Event License # 98095



BOXX Pool Champions = BPC          National Hockey League = NHL          Ticket Purchaser = Entrant


For inquiries relating to any ticket purchased, please call 778-772-1988 or email info@boxxpoolchampions.com


1. Tickets may be sold and purchased only in British Columbia. Entrants must be 19 years of age or older. BPC, when possible, will inform adult entrants not to enter the name of an underage person when purchasing a ticket.  

2. Entrants are required to pay $20.00 per entry, or $50 for three entries. The price of the tickets is not deductible as a charitable donation for tax purposes in Canada. Ticket order forms and the “BOXX Pool” list can be found at: www.boxxpoolchampions.com. Completed ticket order forms, the “BOXX Pool” list, along with payment may be mailed, faxed or emailed as specified on the ticket and website.  Cheques/money orders are to be made payable to “BOXX Pool Champions”.

If mailing: 

BOXX Pool Champions
PO BOX 42058 Champlain Mall
Vancouver, BC V5S 4R5

If faxing: 


3. There will be 1000 tickets available for purchase. There is no limit to the number of entries that each participant or household may submit. Entry fees must accompany the completed “BOXX Pool” list.

The “Entry Deadline” is Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 (Midnight – PST)

Points will accumulate for the duration of the NHL regular season. No late entries will be accepted. 

4. Officepools.com (www.officepools.com) is the selected hockey pool administrator/manager. 

5. Upon receipt of a paid entry, BPC will send a registration email (or via post mail if requested) to each entrant allowing them to make their selections. The list of total selections will be referred to as the “Team.” Entrants can make changes to their “Team” up until the “Entry Deadline”. The total points of your top twenty-five (25) selections (out of 27 selected) will determine your standing in the pool.

6. There is no reserve roster for injuries, no trades or swaps allowed of any type. Your “Team” is finalized once the “Entry Deadline” has passed and remains intact for the entire regular NHL season.   

7. Each entrant of the first 1000 entries, who properly completes the “BOXX Pool” list, will have their “Team(s)” accepted into the hockey pool. Any and all discrepancies are to be reported in writing to BPC by December 31st, 2017. Failure to do so, the information in the standings shall be considered final and correct. No corrections will be made after December 31st, 2017. In the event of a reported discrepancy, the original entry form will be reviewed and compared to the standings. All decisions of BPC regarding discrepancies will be final. No requests for refunds will be accepted from entrants after December 31st, 2017.


8. BPC Committee Members are ineligible to purchase tickets in this raffle.

A non-resident of British Columbia may purchase a ticket only if the entire payment transaction takes place while the person is in British Columbia and if the ticket or a receipt is issued at that time. 

Tickets or receipts will not be distributed to, mailed or otherwise sent to a non-resident’s third-party address in B.C.


9. Each entrant shall make their “Team” selections via the Officepools.com link provided to them or on the “BOXX Pool” list. One selection will be chosen from each of the twenty-seven (27) box groupings. The list of total selections will be referred to as the “Team”. Failure to make only one (1) selection from each of the box groupings may result in disqualification completely. Upon receiving an invalid entry, the entrant will be contacted and their “Team” will not be registered until the correct information is received. Entrants can make changes to their “Team” up until the “Entry Deadline”. The total points of your top twenty-five (25) selections (out of 27 selected) will determine your standing in the pool.

10. In calculating the points for a “Forward” or a “Defenseman,” only goals and assists will be counted and shall be worth one (1) point each. For goalies and team selections, they will receive two (2) points for a win and one (1) point for a shutout. A shutout win earns three (3) points. All goals, assists, wins and shutouts shall be determined by Officepools.com and their stated methods and procedures.

11. In the event a player is traded from one (1) NHL team to another NHL team during the season, all goals and assists scored on all NHL teams during the regular season will be included in that player's point total. Points accumulate from the commencement of the 2017-2018 regular NHL season as stated by the NHL. Final official results and standings will be calculated and verified by BPC.

12. The total points of your top twenty-five (25) selections (out of 27 selected) will determine your standing in the pool.

13.The “Contest End” is at the end of the NHL regular season. In the event of a hockey players’ strike, or any other unforeseen interruption forcing the premature termination of the regular season schedule, the “Contest End” will coincide with whichever date the NHL officials publicly announce as the end of the regular season.


14. The maximum prize payout is $7,955*(based on 1000 tickets sold each). However, the prizes and actual odds are dependent on the number of tickets sold.  At the “Contest End”, the total points of your top twenty-five (25) selections (out of 27 selected) will determine your standing in the pool. Prizes shall be awarded based on these rankings.

The following is the prize distribution:

1st = $4,375.25* (55%)

2nd = $1,988.75* (25%)

3rd = $914.82* (11.5%)

4th = $477.30* (6%)

5th = $199.88* (2.5%)

*The percentage allocated for each prize is fixed. However, the actual dollar value of these prizes is dependent on the total number of tickets sold at the time of the “Entry Deadline”. If there are one thousand (1000) entries by the time of the “Entry Deadline”, then the above illustration outlines the prizes awarded structured around the $7,955 prize pool.

Prizes are awarded tax free in Canada.

All prize awards are determined by BPC. Contestants will be contacted by BPC to notify them of their prize award and will arrange payment of prize collection.

15. In the event of a total points tie for any of the prizes, the following tie-breaking mechanism shall be in effect:

(a) 1st tie breaker - most aggregate goals

(b) 2nd tie breaker - least number of games missed

Should a tie still exist, the prize money for the positions tied for shall be combined and divided equally amongst the tied entrants.

16. Cash prizes will be awarded within 30 days but not sooner than 14 days following the end of the regular NHL season. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. BPC reserves the right to have the final decision-making authority on all prize awards and distributions. The decision of BPC respecting the issuance of prizes and the interpretation of all aspects of these rules shall in all respects be final. By entering, entrants agree to be bound by these rules and any ruling related thereto by BPC. Winners of any prizes will have (380 days) from the date of the close of the 2017-2018 regular NHL season to claim their prizes. Subject to approval from the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, any prizes remaining unclaimed after the deadline will be distributed as approved.   

17.BPC and any other organizers and supporters of the BPC are not responsible for any lost, mislaid or incorrectly processed entry forms, or for damage or injury incurred by a contestant as a result of winning.


18. General inquiries regarding BPC can be made by email to info@boxxpoolchampions.com,or by telephone at 1-778-772-1988, until the contest end. Any phone and email inquiries regarding an entrant’s standings will not be accepted as the information is available on the Officepools.com website provided via email during registration.

19. Leaders and/or standings are available for viewing at the official website of the BPC, www.boxxpoolchampions.com.

20. All contest winners will be notified by BPC by phone and/or email. All prizes will be issued to winners in person, via PayPal, INTERAC e-transfer or via Canada Post. BPC must be notified if entrants incur a change in contact information through the course of the contest.  

21. Net Proceeds of BPC will be retained by BPC and distributed as approved by the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

22. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your official ticket.

23. BPC is not sold or advertised outside of British Columbia. The event has been authorized by the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch - License # 98095.


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 Chances are 1 in 1000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize

  BC Gaming Event License #98095  

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