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Our mission is to boost kids’ play and activity by raising funds that will go directly towards improving access to organized and recreational sports and play. We believe that children benefit from participating in sports in many ways including improved health and self-esteem, leadership and team building.
We believe health benefits are long term as children who play sports often continue to exercise regularly when they are adults. By starting young, we can help kids develop good habits, memorable experiences and friendships that will last their lifetime. Unfortunately, many kids cannot afford the registration fees or the equipment they need to play sports.
This is where we pitch in! By joining our hockey pool, you're helping us raise funds for KidSportKKk !!   
KidSport – So All Kids Can Play!

KidSport gives financial assistance for sports equipment and registration fees for kids ages 18 and under. In BC alone, they provided $1.4 million to over 6,700 kids. Across Canada, they gave an amazing $6.5 million to over 60,000 kids. Learn more here.

See the official letter we received from KidSport... 



Trung Lu, CFP (Founder)  My Canadian life started in Saskatchewan (in a tiny town called Moosomin, then Regina) from ages 3 to 7. Vancouver (East Van) has been home since then! I attended Lord Selkirk & Hastings Elementary, Van Tech High, and SFU & BCIT for post-secondary. Growing up, sports were such an important outlet for me. I was constantly immersed in a variety of activities; from California Kickball, to Track & Field, to the hard court (Most Memorable Highlight – qualifying for the BC Boys’ Basketball Tournament at the Agridome in 1995). My wife and I value a balanced approach to life and work (keeping us in line is our puppy who injects play and smiles daily into our lives). We’ll continue our various community commitments but are thrilled to embark on a new one that truly hits home for us!

Caroline Lu, CGA (COO & CFO) – Born in Vancouver shortly after my immigrant parents arrived in Canada, I grew up in a household that had to struggle to make ends meet. Until university, I had fallen prey to the sedentary lifestyle of someone who grew up with the television set as babysitter. Since then, however, I’ve learned the importance, not to mention how great it feels, to exercise and work out on a regular basis and I haven’t looked back since. Now, I enjoy many outdoor activities (including hiking, biking, rollerblading, tennis, snorkelling) as well as indoor activities (yoga, Pilates, elliptical machine). In addition, I love exploring parks and nature trails in beautiful BC with my husband and our dog, Oscar! We’re here to reach out, support, and give that extra boost to anyone who needs it!




Community Champion

Luke Mochizuki

Born in Vancouver, raised in the city of Port Coquitlam, sports were a huge part of my life growing up. Thinking back, if I didn't have sports, my life would have turned out quite differently (not in the good way). As a very quiet and shy kid, my parents put me into judo at the age of 8. I attended Viscount Alexander Elementary School, George Perks Junior High, Terry Fox Senior Secondary, and then finally SFU and BCIT. I continued my judo career well into my late 20's, but hockey was a huge part of my life as well. Sports is an incredibly important tool for kids. It is an outlet that helps develop a child's confidence (as in my case), teamwork skills, friendship skills, and so much more! That's why I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing new adventure in helping our communities in a way that also hits home for me. 



                                   Team Mascot

 Oscar "The Professional"      Oscar Bear 




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