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Hockey Pool Fundraiser

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Boost Youth Play

Bragging rights on the line

$20 / one entry or

$50 / three entries

Up to $7,955* in Prizes


        1st    55% (up to $4,375.25*)

        2nd    25% (up to $1,988.75*)

        3rd     12% (up to $914.82*)

        4th       5% (up to $477.30*)

        5th       3% (up to $198.88*)

 *Actual prizes depend on number of tickets sold
Hockey photo courtesy of Tyler
  • Only your Top 25 (out of 27) picks will count 
  • To view the hockey pool sheet, click here.
 Proudly Supporting
  EekjkjffddfrefdfeeeeeeE     fgsfgasdf   Sorry, we will not be hosting our hockey pool anymore.





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 Chances are 1 in 1000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize

  BC Gaming Event License #98095  

Know Your Limit, Play Within It

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