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Frequently Asked Questions - Regular Season

1. How many tickets are available for sale?

There are 1,000 tickets available for sale.


2.  How much do tickets cost?

Tickets cost $20 each. There is no limit to the number of entries that each participant or household may submit.If you plan to buy multiple tickets, please ensure that you give each entry a different team name. For example, Puck1, Puck2, etc. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your official ticket.


3. What are the odds of winning?

Chances are 1 in 1000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize.      

Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold. All inquiries, if any, on the odds of winning, are to be made to BOXX Pool Champions prior to the purchase of ticket(s).

4.  How do I pick my team?

Once payment is received, you will receive an email from us with the link to the “BOXX Pool” list where you will make your “Team” selections. This way your picks are in right away, you can make changes up until the “Entry Deadline”, and the only errors inputting the teams are yours!  Of course, you can also email, fax or drop off a paper copy.


5.  How many selections do I make?

You must pick one (1) selection from each of the twenty-seven (27) box groupings. Once completed, this is your “Team”. The total points of your top twenty-five (25) selections (out of 27 selected) will determine your standing in the pool.


6.How old do you have to be to purchase a ticket?

Purchasers must be at least 19 years of age. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee.


7. Can “BOXX Pool” tickets be purchased online?

Recently, the rules governing British Columbia Charitable Raffle Events have changed to allow for online ticket sales. Ticket purchasers must be in the province of BC when placing the order and the address given must be a valid BC address.


8. Can I purchase tickets if I am not a resident of British Columbia?

Yes, but there are certain restrictions and conditions which must be met.

The lottery is intended for BC residents. Ticket buyers must be in British Columbia at the time of purchase. A non-resident of British Columbia may purchase a ticket if the entire payment transaction takes place while the person is in British Columbia and if the ticket or a receipt is issued at that time. Tickets can be mailed to addresses outside the province of British Columbia, but tickets will not be mailed outside of the country. 

Tickets or receipts cannot be distributed to, mailed or otherwise sent to a non-residents third-party address in British Columbia.


9. Is my ticket purchase tax deductible?

No, raffle tickets are not tax deductible; even though proceeds support a charitable cause.


10.Where do the proceeds of this charitable hockey pool go?

The proceeds support KidSport Vancouver, a non-profit organization that helps remove financial barriers that prevent kids from playing sports.


About KidSport™ 

KidSport™ is a national not-for-profit organization that helps remove financial barriers that prevent kids from playing sport by providing assistance for registration fees and sport equipment to children aged 18 and under - So ALL Kids Can Play! Through a confidential application process, grants are given so they can play a season of sport. One of KidSport’s primary goals is to support a network of 11 provincial/territorial KidSport chapters and 177 community KidSport chapters across Canada in their fundraising and sport activities. KidSport.ca


11. What is your privacy policy?

We respect your privacy. BOXX Pool Champions protects personal information and adheres to all legislative requirements with respect to privacy. We do not rent, sell, or trade our mailing lists. Information provided through ticket purchase will be used to deliver services and keep you informed on current and future events (pools). To be removed from these contacts, call 778-772-1988 or email info@boxxpoolchampions.com.


12. How will I know I’ve won?

All winners will be notified by phone and/or by email at the end of the season. 


13.  When is the deadline?

The deadline is October 11th, 2016 (Midnight - PST) or when 1000 entries have been received. All player points will count from the beginning of the season.


See Complete “Rules of Play”

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 Chances are 1 in 1000 (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize

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